The book

After almost 10 years abroad, it felt very important to me to explore my Carinthian roots and spend more time with my family. The more my career progressed, the bigger my homesickness became and so I wrote my first book: Back to the Roots. With the help of Elias Jerusalem and Yvonne Cerepak from 2dream-productions, the book was printed by Theiss in Wolfsberg and will be published on 1 June, 2019 by Heyne Verlag.

Marktplatz Mittelkärnten

A total of 46 companies from Central Carinthia, my home, have pulled together a few years ago to create the organisation Marktplatz Mittelkärnten. For the past two years, I have been part of this fantastic organisation as its gourmet ambassador. “Togetherness above individualism” is the motto of chairwoman Ingrid Bachler, who inspired me with the philosophy of the Marktplatz Mittelkärnten in 2017. This is where creative people work together with a vision to make Central Carinthia flourish – the result is genuinely extraordinary. For this, the Marktplatz has recently won the Primus award by the Kleine Zeitung, which we can all be very proud of. I am extremely grateful to be able to count such motivated and inspiring people with a clear goal in mind to my circle of friends and will continue to actively support the Marktplatz Mittelkärnten.


Working together with Elias Jerusalem, in my opinion Austria’s most talented photographer, was a particular pleasure for me. We hit it off straight away, which can be seen in every single image. His expressive photographs really speak for themselves, but also the collaboration with Yvonne Cerepak, graphic designer at 2dream-productions, was a wonderful experience. Back to the Roots owes its stylish layout to her motivation, organisation and creative talent. The airy design and modern style make this book truly special. I am incredibly proud of our joint project and would like to thank Elias and Yvonne for their harmonious and friendly cooperation.